Why We Sometimes Use Polymer Clay
Instead of Ceramic Tiles.
Four Benefits For You

♦  It is simpler and easier to fix it on walls, doors, etc.
Because of its light weight and flat back, you can use any glue or even a self adhesive tape. Easily mount on glass, stone, wood or metal.
You do not need a professional to fix it for you. Easy Do It Yourself job.

♦  It is more expensive than ceramics and it has many more options for color and texture.Endless colors, shapes, or textures you want can be done with Polymer clay.

♦  It is a tough material but does not break easily.
Ceramics break easily, especially in transport and even more so via mail. Polymer clay does not have this problem and it is still very tough and resistant.

♦  It is a light material and much cheaper to ship. It is a major difference in shipping, Polymer clay weighs a fraction of ceramics.